Wine and Letter Box with Photo Lid, Engraved, Locked


This gorgeously rustic yet elegant keepsake is handcrafted from solid wood. This is a unique box that can be used on your wedding day and then used as a keepsake forever after. There is room in the box to hold letters, a bottle of their favorite wine and two wine glasses. During the ceremony the couple puts the letters they wrote to each other, the bottle of wine and the glasses in the box and seals it up until their first wedding anniversary (or first big fight). Another cute touch is when parents of the bride and groom include a letter in the box, too. Or select if you don't want the box divider and can be a great gift for love letters and so much more!

This is a beautiful time capsule that makes for a memorable ceremony touch and is also a fun way for the couple to look back on what they were feeling the night before the big day. 

Each box has a dye sublimated photo of your choice permanently printed directly into the wood lid and is engraved with your personalized text on the side; two first names, Last name and date, (or other text, if you prefer). Choose from solid pine, walnut or mahogany. Pine is finished with your choice of stain color. Walnut and mahogany are hand rubbed with mineral oil.  

Pine stain options:

  • Natural Wood, unfinished
  • Light Stain (pictured)
  • Medium Stain
  • Dark Stain
  • Classic Grey Stain


  • Includes lock and key set.
  • Wood photo print is 10 x 14.
  • Outside dimensions: 15.5" long, 7" tall, 11" wide.
  • Inside dimensions: Compartment closest to hinges is 14" long by 5" wide; the compartment closest to locking end is 14" long, and 3.75" wide.
It’s worth the wait

We at Cades and Birch have decided to opt out of the instant gratification game and focus on a balanced approach that benefits both our customers and our employees. Our products our handmade in our factory by our craftspeople to make them special and custom for you. It takes time to do that right. We are taking a different approach and instead focusing on product quality and uniqueness while also creating a work environment where our employees can take pride in their work without the stress to simply deliver the fastest. In this fast paced world, we still believe that the idea of waiting for something makes if more exciting! Made in USA, made to order, made with love!