Bless You! Wood Tissue Box Cover


This adorable wood tissue box is painted by hand and then we apply a black vinyl lettering that reads "Bless You!" in a playful script font. The main photo shows the tissue box in white and also available in cream, cream distressed or white distressed. 

Please contact us for other color requests! We have other colors available. 

Note: As these are made from wood, finish is rustic/semi rough as part of the desired look. It is not a smooth finish. 

  • Measures 5.5" x 5.5" x 6" 
  • Covers a standard square tissue box


It’s worth the wait

We at Cades and Birch have decided to opt out of the instant gratification game and focus on a balanced approach that benefits both our customers and our employees. Our products our handmade in our factory by our craftspeople to make them special and custom for you. It takes time to do that right. We are taking a different approach and instead focusing on product quality and uniqueness while also creating a work environment where our employees can take pride in their work without the stress to simply deliver the fastest. In this fast paced world, we still believe that the idea of waiting for something makes if more exciting! Made in USA, made to order, made with love!