Unplug Box Rustic Wood Planter - Personalized Family Cell Phone Holder


This adorable rustic box is the perfect solution for family time! Simply place your family phones and gadgets inside the box and Presto! -- No more distracted dinner time, study time, or family game nights. 

Each box is handcrafted from solid wood - walnut, mahogany or pine, and measures 12" x 5" by 5" tall, and features a 1" diameter hole in the back to put through charging cables. Please be aware that due to the nature of natural components, there will always be slight variations from unplug box to unplug box. 

This box is engraved with the "Unplug" design as shown, and you can personalize all text underneath! Write your family name, or something simple like "Family Time" or "Study Time" or "Disconnect to Reconnect" - whatever text you want! 

Includes the box only, no phones or chargers included.

Pine stain color options:

  • Natural (no stain, unfinished or DIY)
  • Light stain(Pictured)
  • Medium
  • Dark
  • Classic Grey